Internet Speed Meter

➤ Internet Speed Meter – manages your data efficiently so you can save your data.You can check your daily usage data and also data usage for past 30 days. It also gives information about the amount of data used through wifi. It displays total amount of data used by adding data used on mobile and data used through wifi.

➤ Internet Speed Meter – Monitor Live net Speed it also shows data usage with graphics charts.this help you to your mobile network connection anytime while using your device.This application also show you download and upload speed test. it also shown last five minutes data usage of your Internet speed.

Internet Speed Meter Key Features:
———— ★★★★★ ————
1 Network name show notification pane
2 Display today wi-fi & mobile data usage by notification pane
3 Show live Internet speed status bar
4 Real-time Speed Of Running Applications.
5 Monitoring traffic data of the last 30 days with date
6 Clear old data usage
7 Multiple themes
9 Live download and upload speed in hom screen
10 Change Theme 9 different types
11 Notification show only when you are connected to Internet
12 Battery efficient, we don’t have unlimited battery backup
13 Works with all types of network (3G, 4G & LTE, WiFi)
14 Graph to monitor last five minute internet activity

➥ Internet Speed Meter FREE Pro features
On/off internet speed meter with internet connection on/off.

➥ Internet Speed Meter, Notification appears only when you are connected to Internet. You can change priority of notification in settings.

➥ Displays your internet speed in hom screen (Download/upload) and shows the amount of data used. This helps you to Monitor Network Connection anytime while using your device.

➥ Internet Speed Meter shows real time Internet speed of your Internet connections on Status bar and Notification bar.

➥ Internet Speed Meter Download And Enjoy..!

Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter
Price: Free

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